Anonymous asked:

Why can't taylor swift go to the gym dressed in gym clothes like a normal person? And please don't say "well she's a celebrity with paparazzi" because there are PLENTY of celebs who know there will be paparazzi when they go to the gym, but decide to dress normally regardless (including karlie kloss). It just perpetuates this ideal of unattainable perfection and it's pretty annoying, to be frank. So yeah, I was just wondering why you think she feels the need to alwaysss look perfect?

ohsoswiftly answered:

because she wants to


What’s so wrong with her wanting to look nice? This is just like saying that’s it’s wrong to not look nice all the time.

Indeed it is weird and sometime it’s too much. But she is a 24 years old woman who seems to know what she likes and what she does. The fact that everyone has the right to dress up like they like, it’s enough to me to respect her style. She has always express herself in every aspect, including (specially) fashion. I think that’s the way she is. An the end it doesn’t matter whether we, as fans, like it or not. It’s about herself and if she is comfortable. Besides, We know she is not a regular girl. She embraces being different… Remember her words…

Ps: sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language